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January 2023

Hydrotherapie bei rheumatoider Arthritis das Empfinden des Patienten als relevanter Faktor bei der Wahl von Wärme oder Kälte

Author(s): Wigand, R., Kaltwasser, P.

Journal/Book: Ärztezeitschrift für Naturheilverfahren. 1990; 31/9: 647-651.

Abstract: For the treatment of pain in case of rheumatoid arthritis it is generally recommended to apply cold during the acute inflammations whereas during the inactive phases heat should be preferred. However, many patients do not encounter any alleviation after having followed this rule but partially even report more severe complaints. For better understanding of these facts 62 patients with rheumatoid arthritis in the various stages were asked about their experiences with heat and cold during an attack and interval, respectively. Apart from the effect an the pain the effects an the subjective motility were found out by asking. This inquiry confirmed the mentioned recommendation in the majority of the patients. However, at the same time the answers make clear that a considerable part of the patients will not achieve any improvement by following this advice or must even suffer from more severe pains. With the lack of evidence for a direct influence an the articular destruction the feeling of the patient must, thus, determine the choice of heat or cold.

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