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November 2022

Klinische Erfahrungen bei der Behandlung von Patienten mit peripherer arterieller Verschlußkrankheit (paVK) mittels Ultraviolettbestrahlung des Eigenblutes

Journal/Book: Ärztezeitschrift für Naturheilverfahren. 1990; 31/6: 450-452.

Abstract: In the middle of the seventies the UBV was introduced in our clinic. At the beginning we have only treated the so-called "hopeless" cases with UBV (uv radiation treatment of the own blood) because of the very little knowledge about the mode of action and the effects, respectively, of this method at that time. Encouraged by positive results of the treatment we increasingly used the method also in patients with paVK (peripheral arterial occlusion) in the stage III and IIb. The results of own investigations as well as such of the literature were able to demonstrate that the UVB is capable to reduce the a priori increased, pahtological viscosity of the plasma and/ orthe aggreagtion of the erythrocytes. Indications, side-effects and contra-indications of the UVB are shown.

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