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Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
March 2023

Aquarome,Destillationswässer der pflanzlich-ätherischen Öle- Ein Novum in der Therapie -

Abstract: The extraction of volatile oils from medicinal herbs by steam distillation results in two products:a) the distilled aromatic water (= aqua aromatica) andb) the volatile oil (= essence) floating onthis water.The arornatic water was always considered as being a byproduct which was poured away with the exception of the rose, lavender and orange blossom waters used in cosmetics However, the aromatic waters principally have the same curative properties as the actual volatile oils, for part of the aromatic molecules is dissolved in the aromatic water or combined with it. Moreover, the healing oscillation frequency of the aromatics is transmitted to the molecular structure of the water during the distillation. The conclusion is that the aromatic water is an oral water-soluble therapeutic agent where the aromatic substance is the active agent as this is also the case in the liposoluble volatile oil. The high dilution causes an increase of the purely energetic and morphogenetic field as this is the case with the ascending power in homoeopathy. The aromatic substances are the actual active agents or energy carries which interfere in molecular form as "ectohormones" in the neural-hormonal feedback mechanism and serve as "energy carriers" because of their oscillation frequencies and as transmitters of an energetic and morphogenetic field according to R. Sheldrake. The therapeutical use depends on the interactions of the Therapy with the Essence of Medicinal Herbs Dr. rer. nat. Gümbel, which are based on the functional analogy of flower and cephalic organs, sprout and circulatory organs as well as root and hypogastric organs.

Keyword(s): Destilliertes Wasser

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