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May 2022

Therapeutische Lokalanästhesie und Neuraltherapie

Journal/Book: Ärztezeitschrift für Naturheilverfahren. 1990; 31/7: 511-517.

Abstract: Both methods avail themselves of the vegetative nervous system and peripheral nerves counteracting damages of the nervous system by means of local anaesthetics (predominantly procain (novocaine) or lidocaine derivates) and, thus, compensating through repolarization of the nervous tissue any disorders resulting from various kinds of mechanical, thermic, chemical or osmotic irritations. In this way a normal conductivity of the formerly disturbed nerve is restored and the proper reuglation of the organism is reactived. Thera re three different approaches: 1. the segment or local therapy, 2. the treatment of ganglia, 3. the treatment through a field causing the disturbance. However, this latter possibility is not used by representatives of the therapeutical local anaestesia since the positive results are indeed demonstrate, objectifiable and reproducible with clinical methods but in some respect are not yet explainable without doubt. For the general existence of a disturbing field there are very special conditions required which are further explained. It is dealt with the physiology of the therapeutical local anaesthesia (TLA) and the neutral therapy (NT). On the basis of some examples, particularly in the region of the head, the therapy is explained.

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