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December 2022

Die punktförmige transkutane elektrische Nervenstimulation mit niederfrequenten Hochvoltimpulsströmen (PuTENS) - eine Akupunkturvariante im Rahmen der Kopfschmerztherapie

Journal/Book: Ärztezeitschrift für Naturheilverfahren. 1990; 31 (6): 433-440.

Abstract: As alternative to needle acupuncture since 1973 we use a non-Invasive variant, the transcutaneous electro-acupuncture, and further developed this method. Our pointed transcutaneous electrical stimulation of nerves with low-frequency high-voltage Impulse currents (PuTENS) is a non-invasive procedure of stimulating active points and reflex zones with the aim of an analgesic, vasoactive, muscular and reflextherapeutical effect. The PuTENS is suited for the selftreatment and home treatment of the patients. In an open clinical study the puttees achieved a distinct improvement in 79.9% of our patients suffering from chronic cephalalgy (311 sick headache, 145 vasomotor-myalgic headache). Six months after the end of the therapy the headache index reduced for 84%, the consumption of analgetics for 87%, and the disability for 71 %. The period of time for which the effect of a therapy series continued was in average 10 months. There were no differences in the effectiveness between PuTENS performed by a physician in 148 patients and the self-treatment in 100 patients. In the patients with home treatment (n = 208) the portions of very good improvement and the period of time for which the effect continued were significantly higher. Sideeffects and development of any tolerance could not be detected. Also the acute headache was distinctly reduced in 72% of the patients. By means of thermometric investigations and a placebo study as well as with a prospective randomized therapeutical comparative study (pharmacotherapy, needle acupuncture, PuTENS, n = 50 for each group) it was possible to objectivate the PuTENS.

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