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November 2022

Chronobiologically Oriented Therapy

Journal/Book: Natur- und Ganzheitsmedizin Wissenschaft und Praxis. 1990; 3/12: 371-380.

Abstract: Starting from a survey an the structure of the time-related organization of the human being, three areas are shown more closely in which the consideration of biological rhythms has reached practical meaning:1. The introduction of a therapeutic time organization (chronotherapy) which an the one hand uses the rhythmically oscillating features of the organism in the course of complex synchronized long-waves (for example, the daily and yearly rhythms) for an optimization of therapeutic effects, and which an the other hand adapts the intervals between therapeutic applications to the aim of the treatment or respectively to the time-structure of the reactions idiosyncratic to the organism.2. The attempt to improve the environmental synchronization of the long-wave rhythmical functions, which can be pathologically disturbed, according to the theory of a time-organizing therapy, or to normalize the organisation (organisation of frequency and phase) of the purely endogenous rhythmic functions in stimulating the self-organizing capacities of the organism.3. The creation of chronohygienics, meaning the adequate time-organized behaviour, which can be of preventive as well as of rehabilitative importance.

Keyword(s): Chronobiologie

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