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November 2022

Cholesterin- Zur Physiologie und Pathophysiologie des Cholesterinstoffwechsels -

Abstract: This study gives a survey of the most significant physiologic functions of cholesterin, one of the most important basic substances of the human organism. We will demonstrate its importance for numerous functions, e.g. the development of hormones, vitamin D, bile acid, and above all for the development of the cell rnembrane. In this field there are new important aspects at the moment, since the stability of the cell membrane plays a decisive role for the passage of toxins, viruses and other substances when cytolysis shall be prevented. This might also be import; effect of cancer and AIDS viruses reason this study warns about various current attempts to reduce the plasma cholesterin content to abnormally low levels not only see the role of cholesterin in the arteriosclerosis debate in an isolated way. This work deals with questions such as the definition ot normal serum values the pathogenesis of arteriosclerosis and the role of cholesterin, as well as with relations to coronary mortality which must be defined anew. We recall the fact that around 1910 cholesterin intravenously administered in cases of infectious diseases as therapeutic protection against cytolysis caused by toxins; in this context the point of stabilizing the cell membrane was of extreme importance, which perhaps should be picked, day, e, g, in connection with the AIDS therapy.

Keyword(s): Cholesterin

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