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January 2023

PdM - Eine Studie über Beobachtungen eines Punktes

Journal/Book: Deutsche Zeitschrift für Akupunktur. 1990; 33/06: 118-120.

Abstract: The point PdM, Yin-Tang, was appplied in the treatment of suffering of the autonomic nervous system, especially in the disorder of the general state of health, connected with restlessnes, anxiety, excitement. Those indications are seldom used or unknown, the normal indication of that point are local disorders like sinusitis, frontal headache and rhinitis. That point is used in China for anaestesia and for insomnia and convulsion of small children. There has not been any succes if the patient was drunk or used drugs, or if there have been severe problems. In Qi Gong the PdM means "upper tantien" to reinforce the mental concentration.

Keyword(s): PdM (Point de Merveille), Angsttypen, Point-pressing (Tuina), Tantien, Behandlungstechnik, PdM-Mißerfolge, Psychosomatik.

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