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December 2022

Systematische Enzymtherapie in der Sportmedizin

Journal/Book: Deutsche Zeitschrift für Sportmedizin. 1990; 41: 126-134.

Abstract: Primary therapy of acute sports injuries including cryotherapy, compression and external therapy should be followed by a treatment with antiphlogistics. The classical non steroid antiphlogistics, however, are often contraindicated because of numerous side effects. Enzyme therapeutics dispensed per os have nearly no contraindications but are of a similar efficiency. Their resorption takes place by way of persorption and pinocytosis from the intestine lumen. The specific effect important for sports medicine is based on the decomposing processes of micro thrombi and fibrin clots in the injured area. Normal conditions of blood flow are restored and products of metabolism resulting from injuries and algogene substances are removed more quickly. Therefore enzyme therapeutics in sports medicine are not only a real alternative to the so-called classical forms of treatment but they form a distinct enrichment of the therapeutical spectrum. Key words: Enzyme therapy, enzymes and sports medicine, enzyme absorption sports injuries.

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