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January 2023

Dištetische, psychologische und mikrobiologische Aspekte der Ganzheitstherapiebei chronischer Obstipation

Abstract: Chronic constipation is a lasting motilicity disturbance of the intestine causing considerable trouble to many people and heavy expenses to the National Health Insurance. Most of the primary causes (malnutrition, insufficient drinking quantity, abuse of purgatives, hypokinesia, nicotinism) can be removed by a detailed anamnesis; organic or anatomic causes are relatively rare. Primary defecation disturbances are to be influenced according to the principles of the trophotherapy and the ordotherapy. Disturbances of the rnucosa-associated lymphatic tissue ("GALT") and the motoricity of the intestine due to an abnormal bacterial colonisation necessitate a rnicrobiological therapy which should be either a basic or an additional therapy. Psychic factors can be' the cause of the constipation.Secondary defecation disturbances appear in case of gastroptosis. duodenal ulcer. appendicitis, adnexitis, cholangitis, cholelithiasis, gastric or intestinal carcinoma, dysendocriniasis, lead poisoning, MS, and the like. In these cases, the primary disease has to undergo a special therapy.Otherwise, dietetic, physical and psychotherapeutical measures going along with a mostly drug-free therapy during the treatment of chronic constipation are emphasized. The training of the normal defecation reflex and the recovery of the gastrocolic reflex are discussed.

Keyword(s): Chronische Obstipation

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