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December 2022

Chronobiologische Aspekte zur Hypertonie

Abstract: The blood pressure variability over 24 hours is characterised by a typical rhythm in normotensive persons as well as in patients with essential hypertension, Due to an increased sympathico-adrenergic drive at the active period during daytime blood pressure is higher as compared to the steeping period when the parasympathetic tone is dominating. The circadian blood profile has important clinical imp with regard to target organ d hypertension, especially the earl, blood pressure rise and the absence of a nocturnal blood pressure fall.No sufficient data are available on ultradian or infradian blood pressure rhythmus and their clinical significance.A case report should illustrate significance of a blood pressure increase during night time for the diagnosis and therapy in secondary hypertension, for example in renal artery stenoses.The diagnosis of sustained hypertensio, the better characterisation of the hypertension degree and the identification of white coat hypertension (20%!) to prevent overtreatment are the most important implications of ambulatory 24 h blood pressure measurement.

Keyword(s): Chronobilogie

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