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June 2022

Immune-Monitoring und adjuvante Immuntherapie in der Onkologie

Journal/Book: Ärztezeitschrift für Naturheilverfahren. 1990; 31/5: 378-382.

Abstract: According to modern knowledge of the close relations between immunological deficiencies and the development of tumors no oncological therapy should be performed without immunological control. After a tumor has been diagnosed the damage cellular immune system must be treated and normalized as early as possible. Consequent immunological monitoring under aimed immuno-modulation increases the chance of healing the tumor. In oncology many immunologically effective substances habe a high value as adjuvant accompanying therapy. Within the next years tumor specific efficacies must be found out by means of purposeful studies. Since immunologically effective therapies may also result in a decrease of the cellular performance and efficiency, an exact monitoring during the treatment of the oncological patient is indispensable. Apart from the determination of the subpopulations of the lymphocytes, the macrophages and natural killer cells the substitution of important vitamines, minerals and trace elements is a further step towards the optimum function of the immune system. The treatment of the tumor patient according to holistic medicine, embedded in exact immunological monitoring with respective immunomodulative therapy, promises better results of treatment and higher chances of healing.

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