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December 2022

Bewertung der klassischen Naturheilverfahren und moderner Methoden der Regulationstherapie am biokybernetischen Therapiemodell

Journal/Book: Ärztezeitschrift für Naturheilverfahren. 1990; 31/7: 487-499.

Abstract: For the purpose of obtaining an ordering survey the 3 basic types of therapeutical interventions are at first explained at the biocybernetic therapy model: causal therapy, regulation therapy and passive, symptomatic therapy. Natural medical treatments are precautious health care resp. causal therapy where they - according to the 6 eternally valid order principles of the Hippocratioan medicine - endeavour to maintain and restore, respectively, the basic orders of life (order therapy). Natural medical treatments are regulation therapy where they regulatively optimize disturbed systems by means of appropriate stimulations. Thereto belong methods which apply a minimum stimulus similar to the disorder as a specific impulse, e.g. vaccines, prepared allergenes, centesimally diluted drugs etc. Classical natural medical treatments use natural environmental stimulants (food, plants, air, light, water, heat, cold, soil, contact and motor stimula) which exhibit a preventive and curative effect. Neural therapy and acupuncture as additional methods provide regulation impulses in the bio-energetic area. To understand and to practise natural medical treatments requires a radical change of thinking into the direction of the goal health. Classical natural medical treatments contribute significantly, they are indispensable for the prevention, in the causal therapy in the sense of the order of life and as natural regulation therapy with the use of physiologically necessary environmental stimulants. Any other types of regulative therapy can always only be additional therapy.

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