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Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
May 2023

Allergie, Heuschnupfen - Pollinose

Abstract: The treatment of the pollinosis is always a challenge for the treating physician. The official medicine only knows symptomatic therapy possibilities and according to the author's own observation the counter-sensitisation does not often have the desired effect. This is the reason why the author - after a 7-year-experience of pollinosis therapy-tries to describe the methods tested by him as well as the therapeutical possibilities. These are real alternatives, the correct choice of the suitable method results in an immediate improvement and in an durable or long-lasting symptom-free period of time. However, a healing can only be assured after a period of observation of 20-30 years. Therapeutical possibilities in homoeopathy, in the anthroposophic medicine, in the autohaemotherapy and in acupuncture are introduced. May this report be of assistance to the practitioner.

Keyword(s): Pollinose

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