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Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
January 2023

Die Strahlungsstrukturen in biologischen Systemen, ihre Veränderungen unter äußeren Einflüssen und deren Bedeutung für Medizin und Ökologie

Abstract: The discussion about the increasing threat of all human beings, animals and plants by harmful environmental influences and the concern that these contribute essentially to the rising number of chronic diseases were the reason for investigating the structures of the radiation fields in biological systems more precisely. It has been found that positive and negative influences change single radiation parameters in a specific way. The examination of these effects has already been tried earlier by means of the so-called "reaction distance measurements".- However, in spite of many efforts made in the past decades, they have not shown any reproducible results because the structures of the body radiation fields have not been sufficiently known and therefore completely different parameters of radiation were measured under the name of the not properly defined term "reaction distance". Since these radiation structures are now known consistent tests are possible. The general state of health can be definitely evaluated. Besides, by means of test substances, a diagnosis can be obtained without invasive or other harmful or expensive methods, optimum procedures of therapy can be found and therapies can be controlled easily. The disturbing effects on biological systems by environmental poisons, artificial sources of radiation, local radiation fields (geopathic zones) can also be accurately measured concerning their quality and quantity.

Keyword(s): Umwelteinflüsse

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