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March 2023

A clinical trial of Ginkgo biloba extract in patients with intermittent claudication

Author(s): Vohra, R., Carr, M., Walker, M.

Journal/Book: Int Angiol. 1990; 9: 75-78.

Abstract: Thirty-seven patients with stage 2 peripheral vascular disease were randomised to receive a six month course of Gingkco Biloba Extract (Tanakan) or matching placebo. Assessment, by claudication distance, A/B ratio, Doppler ankle pressure response to exercise together with recovery time, and a 10 cm analogue scale (LAS) estitttatlon of maximal pain severity, was performed before treatment, and at 6, 12 and 24 weeks. LAS scores were significantly improved after 24 weeks in patients receiving EgB, but tot placebo. Claudication distance was significantly increased by Egb. Although claudication distance also increased in the placebo group, this was not significant. A/B ratio and Doppler ankle responses to exercise did not show any significant change in either group at any time interval, nor did the post exercise recovery time. Gingkco Biloba Extract is a safe and effective method of improving walking distance and reducing pain severity in patients with intermittent claudication, although Doppler studies have failed to suggest any gross Improvement in the perfusion of the ischaemic leg.

Keyword(s): Tanakan

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