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March 2023

Die manuelle Lymphdrainage in der Migränebehandlung

Abstract: Recent advances in migraine research indicate that migraine is probably caused by a genetic malfunction of serotonergic neurons in special nuclei in the human brain stem as nucleus raphe dorsalis and nuclei of the trigeminal nerve. The release of serotonin (5-HT), noradrenalin, dopamin and other biogenic amins that work as inhibitory transmitting substances in cerebral neurons, is triggered by the diencephalon via hypothalamus. As a cause of overflow or summation of exogenic and endogenic stress factors there will be deficiency of serotonin (5-HT) in 5-HT-releasing neurons as a result of long acting or excessive stimulation by catecholamins, which means a deficit of inhibitory neuronal function. The actual migraine attack will be caused by the release of inflammatory substances as serotonin (5-HT), histamin, prostaglandine and others, which sensitize nociceptors in the vascular walls and in the extracranial lymphatic collectors as well, thus making a sterile-inflammation of the blood and the lymphatic vessels with vasospasm, vasodilatation and edema of the vascular walls. A pain attack can be suppressed effectively, and in many cases even arrested, by performing manual lymph drainage (ML) at an early stage. The active mechanism can be explained by peripheralanalgesic, anti-spasmodical and draining effects of the lymph drainage in the migraine attack which accelerate the discharge of pain mediators, but also by central sedative and analgesic effects. The interval mechanism however is based on the sympathetic-suppressive effect of ML. These mechanisms will be discussed.

Keyword(s): Serotonerge Neurone

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