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June 2022

Zur Diagnostik von Nahrungsmittelallergenen

Author(s): M. , S., J. , W.

Journal/Book: Ärztezeitschrift für Naturheilverfahren. 1990; 31/7: 507-510.

Abstract: The diagnostic procedures of allergic diseases generally comprise skin and exposure tests as well as in-vitrl demonstration of specific antibodies. In case of allergies against food-stuffs also a dietetic treatment is necessary in the majority of the cases since not all of the llergenes are available as test substances and the described assays turned out to be little reliable. Besides, the diaseses may affect both the skin (urticaria, neurodermitis), the respiratory tract ( thinitis, asthma bronchiale) and the alimentary canal so that diferent diagnostic measures are required. It is reported on the informative quality of skin and esposure tests especially emphasizing additives and mould allergens as contaminative agents and consistuents of numerous nutrients. The objectivation of oral allergen provocation tests, e.g. with the trombopenic index according to Storck, is described. Various diets for elimination are presented. Possibilities of treatment, as e.g. carene and hyposensitization, are shown.

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