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December 2022

Klinischer Vergleich der Wirksamkeit von Selen und Vitamin E mit einem nicht-steroidalen antirheumatischen Standardpräparat bei Patienten mit aktivierten Arthrosen

Author(s): Woicicki, J., Samochowiec, L.

Abstract: In this double-blind clinical trial the antiphlogistic/analgetic effects of high-dosed selenium + vitamin E were compared to the standard therapy with diclofenac-sodium. 34 patients with a cox- or gonarthrosis participated in the study. To determine the analgetic and antiphlogistic effects the pain at rest, on pressure, and on movement were evaluated. The degree was determined using the neutral-O-method.The joint status was assessed at the beginning and end of a wash-out phase, as well as 1 and 3 weeks after administration of the trial substances. The comparison of the changes in the pain at rest, on pressure, and on movement did not show statistically significant differences between the different' treatments.The extension/flexion (right) showed a higher increase in the group treated with selenium and vitamin E, the other comparisons were without significant differences.

Keyword(s): Aktivierte Arthrose

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