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November 2022

Laser treatment applied to acupuncture points in lateral humeral epicondylalgia. A double-blind study

Author(s): Lundeberg, T.

Journal/Book: Pain. 1990; 43(2): 243-247.

Abstract: Forty-nine patients suffering from lateral humeral epicondylalgia were enrolled in a double-blind study to observe the effects of Ga-As laser applied to acupuncture points. The Mid 1500 IRRADIA laser machine was used, wavelength: 904 nm, mean power output: 12 mW, peak value: 8.3 W; frequency: 70 Hz (pulse train). Localization of points: LI 10, 11, 12, Lu 5 and SJ 5. Each point was treated for 30 sec resulting in a dose of treatment of 0.36 J/point. The patients were treated 2-3 times weekly with 10 treatments in all. Follow-ups were done after 3 months and 1 year. No significant differences were observed between the laser and the placebo group in relation to the subjective or objective outcome after 10 treatments or at the follow-ups.

Keyword(s): Adult

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