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October 2022

Z Orthop Ihre Grenzgeb. 1988 Mar-Apr; 126(2): 108-16.

[Chiropractic diagnosis of the atlanto-occipital joint with reference to the Palmer-Sandberg-Gutman functional aspects from the traditional medic-radiologic viewpoint]

Kamieth H.

Facharzt für Röntgenologie, Neunkirchen.

Owing to joint mechanics, movement of the atlas alone, as envisioned in HIO diagnosis for producing a superior or inferior position, is not possible when the tranverse ligament is intact, since an atlas movement of this kind would necessitate a change in the statics of the dens amounting to kyphosis or lordosis. Only in the superior or inferior position, as defined by Decking and ter Steege, is there a true malposition of the atlas as a result of atlas movement, and this is only possible if the dens assumes a lordotic or kyphotic position. In such cases all the segments of the cervical spine are used to modify dens statics. Aside from this, superior and inferior positions in HIO diagnosis do not represent any pathology requiring treatment, but normal positions of the atlas within a relatively broad physiologic range. In the vast majority of cases, providing the angle of view is horizontal, there are no findings reflecting the current position of the atlas, but rather a finding due to the development of a condyle movement.

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