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October 2022

J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 1988 Jun; 11(3): 218-20.

Anterior interosseous nerve paralysis: cubital tunnel (Kiloh-Nevin) syndrome.

Crawford JP, Noble WJ.

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Toronto.

Paralysis of the anterior interosseous nerve may occur for a variety of reasons. It has been suggested that such a malady presents clinically more often than is recognized. Some authors attribute this to a general misunderstanding or ignorance of the precise anatomical distribution and motor function of this branch of the median nerve. The neuropathy produces a clinical scenario with a characteristic disturbance of the "pinch grip." Spontaneous recovery has been reported, but is said to be delayed and incomplete. Surgical exploration of the nerve may reveal a biomechanical basis for irritation, and decompression maneuvers may result in rapid and complete recovery. It is important to recognize, however, the value of conservative measures, including mobilization and adjustive procedures, which may be specifically directed to the elbow joint and other regions of the upper extremity. Such techniques may assist in reducing restrictive influences comprising the nerve and associated tissues. The benefits of electrotherapy may prove invaluable and, perhaps, should be considered prior to more radical procedures. Therefore, the practitioner should be wary of the potential to approach such a condition from the chiropractic perspective of treatment and management, which may yield rewarding sequellae.

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