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September 2022

Zh Nevropatol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova. 1988 ; 88(2): 102-6.

[Reflexotherapy of asthenic conditions in neuroses]

Kochetkov VD, Dallakian IG, MikhaÄ­lova AA, Belitskaia RA, Afanas'eva VK.

The results of clinico-psychological examination of 121 patients have demonstrated that acupuncture is a fairly effective method of treating asthenic states in neurotic patients. Thus, considerable improvement and improvement has been observed in 67% of the patients. The absence of positive effect in the remaining cases is explained by an aggravated history, a stubborn course of the disease, and depletion of the functional activity of the sympathoadrenal system (SAS) and the adrenal cortex. Normalization of EEG rhythm is effected through activation of the synchronizing and inactivation of the desynchronizing cerebral systems; the positive dynamics of the structure of nocturnal sleep is reflected in an increased duration of slow sleep and rapid sleep which were initially reduced, in more regular alternation of the cycles and phases of sleep, and in a shorter period of falling asleep. Biochemical examinations have revealed activation of the mediatory component of the SAS and elevation of the function of the adrenal cortex, while baroalgesimetric studies have shown that acupuncture is characterized by antinociceptive and activizing effects. On the whole the efficacy of acupuncture in controlling asthenic conditions related to neuroses is due to its integral action.

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