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September 2022

Laryngoscope. 1988 Jun; 98(6 Pt 1): 664-7.

Acupuncture for the alleviation of tinnitus.

Thomas M, Laurell G, Lundeberg T.

Department of ENT, Karolinska sjukhuset, Stockholm, Sweden.

The present study describes the effect of acupuncture in 12 patients with tinnitus. The patients were referred from the Department of Audiology, Karolinska Hospital, where their hearing and tinnitus were assessed. None of the patients had benefited from previous treatment for tinnitus. The selection of acupuncture points depended on the individual and was, to a limited extent, based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Local points such as Si 19, Sj 17, and Sj 21 were fairly standard; distal points took into account associated problems of the patient, but were also points recommended in TCM for tinnitus. Ten treatments were attempted within a 6- to 12-week period. The treatments were carried out weekly or biweekly depending on the availability of patient and acupuncturist. Six patients had transient effects and noise reduction. However, no positive long-term results were obtained. Similarities between the experience of tinnitus and of pain are discussed in light of these findings.

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