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September 2022

Kardiologiia. 1988 Jan; 28(1): 31-4.

[Effect of reflexotherapy on the baroreflex function of patients with neurocirculatory dystonia and the initial stages of hypertension]

Murashko VV, Radzievski√Ą¬≠ SA, Alekseev VV, Rzhanitsina NF, Fisenko LA.

Central and peripheral hemodynamic effects of reflex therapy were assessed by means of echocardiography and rheovasography, as was the pulse rate, arterial blood pressure and peripheral vascular tonicity response to the baroreflex test in patients with neurocirculatory dystonia, the hypertensive syndrome and essential hypertension, stage IB-HA by L. A. Miasnikov's classification. The hypotensive effect and favorable central hemodynamic changes contribute to the recovery of an adequate pulse and blood pressure response to the baroreflex test, and a greater baroreflex test-induced drop in vascular tone.

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