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September 2022

Nauchnye Doki Vyss Shkoly Biol Nauki. 1988 ; (7): 53-8.

[Changes in the neuronal reactions of the substantia nigra to nociceptive stimuli during electroacupuncture]

Ta TL, Moianova SG.

The nature of responses of neurones in substance nigra reticular (SNR) part of cats to nociceptive electrical stimulations and change of these responses under the action of electroacupuncture (EA) in the area corresponding to the Tsui-Sang-Li point in man have been studied. The most of the neurons studied (72.1%) responded to nociceptive stimulation either with excitation of inhibition of the impulsive activity. The EA eliminated or changed the effect of nociceptive stimulation in 73.2% of the SNR nociceptive responsive neurones. Intravenous naloxone administration blocked the effect of EA depending on a dose. A conclusion has been made that the SNR neurones are involved in the modulation of nociceptive transmission and that the EA action is directed to some restoration of the nociceptive disturbed balance between the excitatory and inhibitory processes in the SNR neuronal population.

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