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September 2022

J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 1988 Oct; 11(5): 433-7.

Traumatic manubriosternal joint subluxations in two basketball players.

Woo CC.

Two cases of traumatic manubriosternal joint subluxation without rib fractures in basketball players are illustrated. The incidence of this sport injury is rare. Accidental or intentional violent blows of the elbow to the body of the sternum is the mechanism of this injury. Radiographic analysis of the manubriosternal joint is discussed. Radiographically, the body of the sternum in each case has subluxated posteriorly. The athletes present pain directly at the manubriosternal joint; this may be aggravated by active thoracic hyperflexion or hyperextension. Ordinary or deep breathing does not cause discomfort. Palpation may reveal local tenderness that will be accentuated by ballottement against the manubrium. Conservative treatment consists of manipulative hyperflexion reduction supplemented with antiinflammatory or analgesic cream, cryotherapy, taping or with pad, strapping and rest.

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