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September 2022

Am J Chin Med. 1988 ; 16(1-2): 75-80.

Control of preweaning diarrhea in piglets by acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Lin JH, Lo YY, Shu NS, Wang JS, Lai TM, Kung SC, Chan WW.

Department of Animal Husbandry, National Taiwan University, Taipei.

Preweaning diarrhea in piglets is a very common disease. Even thought vaccination and antibiotics are used widely for controlling the disease nowadays, it is still a serious production problem. Therefore, the search for a new medication that is both cheaper and more effective is of major importance. During the last year, acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been evaluated for this purpose. The results are summarized as follows: 1) Oral administration of 0.5 g of Ko-ken-huang-lien-huang-chin-tang (pueraria, coptis, scute and licorice combination) to piglets at 1 day old was effective in reducing incidence of infection (P less than 0.1) and increasing the body weight gain (P less than 0.05) during the first 10 days of life. Gentamycin or aqua-acupuncture at day 1 of life had no prophylactic value. 2) Piglets with preweaning diarrhea were treated by aqua-acupuncture at Chang-Chiang point (VG 1, or so called Chiao-Chao in traditional pig charts) with 0.2 ml of 3% saline, or by oral administration of 0.5 g of Ko-ken-huang-lien-huang-chin-tang or by injection of gentamycin (10 mg/piglet) twice a day for 1-3 days. These treatments significantly reduced the duration of illness (P less than 0.01) when compared with the control groups which received 0.5 g lactose orally. These results indicate that both acupuncture treatment and Chinese medicine have a high clinical value for controlling piglet diarrhea.

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