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September 2022

Blood Purif. 1988 ; 6(4): 264-8.

Glomerular filtration rate in response to an acute protein load.

von Herrath D, Saupe J, Hirschberg R, Rottka H, Schaefer K.

Medizinische Abteilung II, St. Joseph-Krankenhaus I, Berlin.

The effect of a protein load on the glomerular filtration rate (measured as creatinine clearance) was studied in normal subjects, healthy vegetarians, patients with advanced liver disease, patients with moderate renal failure and in normal volunteers being pretreated with aspirin or sulindac. Only patients with liver disease were not capable of increasing their glomerular filtration rate after the protein challenge, a finding which suggests that the liver might be of importance for the adequate renal reserve. It is of note that neither the application of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs nor the existence of a moderate renal failure modify the response to a protein load.

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