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October 2022

Trop Geogr Med. 1988 Jul; 40(3): 259-63.

Beliefs and practices related to diarrhoeal diseases among mothers in Gondar region, Ethiopia.

Sircar BK, Dagnow MB.

Department of Community Health, Gondar College of Medical Sciences, Ethiopia.

A survey was carried out amongst a population of 6236 on diarrhoeal mortality and morbidity along with beliefs and practices at Addis Zemen, Northwestern Ethiopia. The prevalence (13.5%) and the proportion of diarrhoea related deaths (41.7%) were high among children below five years. Most of the mothers believed that diarrhoea was caused by the will of God (33.1%) and by sorcery (11.5%). Medication ranged from modern drugs (37.4%) oral rehydration therapy (ORT) (26.2%), and traditional medicine (22.4%). 86.1% continued breast feeding during diarrhoea. About 81.2% of mothers who used ORT believed that ORT would stop diarrhoea. The prevalent beliefs related to breast feeding and the usage of ORT are useful and should be encouraged with proper education of mothers on the significance of ORT in prevention and correction of dehydration.

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