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October 2022

J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 1988 Aug; 11(4): 296-9.

Synovial plicae syndrome.

Morrison RJ.

The suprapatellar, medial patellar, and infrapatellar plicae are three embryonic remnants of synovial tissues that are often a cause of intermittent anterior knee pain. A primary blunt trauma or internal pathological derangement will result in the plicae becoming thickened and inelastic with an often inappropriate diagnosis of meniscal tear. The signs, symptoms and examination findings when combined with special testing enables the doctor to correctly establish a diagnosis and proceed with treatment. The chiropractic doctor may play a prime role in the conservative method of treatment and prevent further dysfunction leading to surgical excision as the treatment of choice. This paper will review and summarize the current knowledge of plicae anatomy, pathophysiology, diagnosis and therapeutics in an attempt to provide chiropractors with an increasing awareness of the synovial plicae syndrome.

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