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October 2022

Acupunct Electrother Res. 1988 ; 13(2-3): 79-85.

Relationship between acupuncture-induced immunity and the regulation of central neurotransmitters in the rabbit: I. Effect of central catecholaminergic neurons in regulating acupuncture-induced immune function.

Zhao JC, Liu WG.

Shaanxi provincial Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology, People's Republic of China.

The central catecholaminergic neurons play an important role in the promotion of the T-lymphocyte transformation and the regulation of the positive rate of acid a-naphthylacetate esterase (ANAE) activity with acupuncture. The mechanism by which acupuncture promotes the T-lymphocyte transformation function may be principally by promoting the anabolism of the T-lymphocyte and speeding up the anabolism of the DNA. Judging from the fact that acupuncture increases the positive rate of ANAE, it can be assumed that the quantity of T-lymphocyte was increased markedly. It remains to be clarified what links exist through which the central catecholaminergic neurons can influence the acupuncture induced immunity, and what the effect of other transmitter neurons of the central nervous system are on acupuncture induced immunity.

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