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October 2022

Acupunct Electrother Res. 1988 ; 13(2-3): 119-30.

Quantitative analysis of bioelectrical potentials for the diagnosis of internal organ pathology and theoretical speculations concerning electrical circulation in the organism.

Zukauskas G, Dapsys K, Ilgesviciute J, Vaitkus P.

CNS Research Laboratory, Republican N. Vilnia Psychiatric Hospital, Lithuanian SSR.

Over 900 experiments on dogs and 135 clinical investigations of healthy people and patients of psychiatric and cardiological departments were performed. With the aid of a 8-channel biopotential amplifier and integrator, bioelectrical potential (BEP) directly from internal organs or from various skin zones were recorded. The quantitative parameters of the BEP--their square values and the sum of the square values of BEP recorded simultaneously from several points of the organism--were measured. The effect of low (1 Hz) and high (28 GHz) frequency electrical stimulation was studied. The stimulation of spleen, liver, stomach, small intestine and corresponding acupuncture points had the greatest effect on the quantitative parameters of the BEP in stomach and small intestine. During patient investigation, the most remarkable changes of the studied parameters were noticed in the BEP recorded from the acupuncture points of the affected internal organ meridians. The existence of the common points between Eastern medicine and Western science are discussed. The analysis of the BEP quantitative parameters proves the existence of electrophysiological equilibrium parameters in the organism--bioelectrical homeostasis. The possible theories of electrical circulation in the organism and their relations with traditional acupuncture theoretical concepts are also discussed.

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