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July 2021

Biull Eksp Biol Med. 1987 Jan; 103(1): 109-11.

[Ultrastructural dynamics of the muscular branches of the normal brachial plexus and in exposure to reflexotherapy]

Zagrebin AM, Khonny OA, Chuchkov VM, Isaev AV, Shirokova TB.

The changes in the ultrastructure of myelinic fibers of branchial plexus muscular branches have been studied during exposure to acupuncture of different duration. The studies were performed using muscular branches obtained from the forelegs of sexually mature white rats, weighing 150-170 g. The nerves were processed for electron microscopy according to a conventional technique. It is demonstrated that myelinic conductors react to the exposure by a complex of structural changes of a reactive, non-specific nature.

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