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August 2021

Postgrad Med. 1987 Oct; 82(5): 305-8, 310, 312 passim.

Unproven arthritis remedies. How to approach the problem.

Wasner CK.

Oregon Health Sciences University School of Medicine, Portland.

The traditional medical model (ie, history taking, physical examination, diagnosis, and treatment) is not sufficient in the management of chronic diseases such as arthritis. The complex social interactions that lead patients toward and away from traditional medical treatment must be recognized and addressed. Physicians need to acknowledge the likelihood that their patients may use unproven arthritis remedies and to make an effort to reduce the problem. Clinical research on the use of unproven remedies is needed, especially as it relates to complex physician-patient interactions. A good patient-physician relationship remains the basis of good clinical medicine and increases the likelihood of patient compliance.

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