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July 2021

Hum Toxicol. 1987 Jul; 6(4): 321-4.

The influence of the homoeopathic remedy plumbum metallicum on the excretion kinetics of lead in rats.

Fisher P, House I, Belon P, Turner P.

There are a number of reports that certain metals, when prepared by the homoeopathic method of serial dilution with succussion, stimulate excretion of the same metal from previously loaded animals. We report an experiment on the effect of homoeopathically diluted lead on urinary lead excretion in the rat, controlled against distilled water and the chelating agent DMPS. The homoeopathic preparations were made specially, with precautions against contamination. Homoeopathic treatment did not cause a significant change in urinary lead excretion compared to distilled water, although there were significant differences between different homoeopathic dilutions. DMPS produced a large increase in urinary lead excretion.

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