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July 2021

Med Radiol (Mosk). 1987 Jul; 32(7): 42-6.

[Restoration of immunologic indices following reflexotherapy in the combination treatment of radiation-induced edema of the upper limbs]

Kuz'mina EG, Degtiareva AA.

A study was made of the effect of combined treatment (routine drug therapy, massage, application of DMSO) alone and in combination with acupuncture and laser puncture on a degree of secondary (radiation) edema and immunological indices in 36 patients treated for breast cancer 2-15 years ago. These methods were shown to decrease effectively a degree of edema by 22-37%. The highest effect was achieved using laser puncture against a background of the main treatment. All types of combined modality treatment promoted the return of the patients' immunological status to normal (an increase in low and a decrease in high values). The most effective recovery was noted in the lymphocyte count, the ratio of helpers (inductors and suppressors) killers, and lymphocyte blast transformation reaction to mitogens.

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