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July 2021

Ukr Biokhim Zh. 1987 May-Jun; 59(3): 85-7.

[Indices of biopolymer metabolism in connective tissue during repeated stress]

Sharaev PN, Pishkov VN, Butolin EG, Ivanov VG.

Experiments on rats have shown that daily strong stress actions (immobilization) brought about the marked increase in the 11-oxycorticosteroid level and indices of the biopolymer exchange in the connective tissue (free oxyproline, glycosaminoglycanes, sialic acids). Under the acupuncture action (weak stresses) all the above indices were changed mainly after the first influence. Preliminary acupuncture stimulations prevent deep changes in the exchange of biopolymers in the connective tissue, developing under strong stresses.

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