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August 2021

J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 1987 Apr; 10(2): 65-9.

A review of the development of an ergonomically balanced chair.

Goetschel GE.

Chiropractors are constantly exposed to patients with back problems partially related to prolonged periods of sitting. It has been recognized that people who spend much of their work day in a sitting position are more prone to back problems than those who alter their position throughout the day. A properly constructed chair, anthropometrically designed, is of great benefit for those whose working posture is in a sitting position. Numbers of biomechanical engineers, orthopedists, physiologists, and physical anthropologists have studied this problem. Their findings and conclusions are reviewed in this paper. May this open the door to those biomechanical specialists in the chiropractic profession to further investigate the problem and add to the existing knowledge and literature on the subject.

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