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July 2021

J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 1987 Feb; 10(1): 5-10.

Chiropractic's functional integration into conventional health care: some implications.

Jamison JR.

Australian chiropractors have achieved functional integration into a referral network within conventional health care. In order that benefits from this achievement be maximized, one issue that needs to be addressed includes the streamlining of interprofessional referrals. Most respondents indicated that their preferred interprofessional communication pattern within this network was either by telephone or written report. Delineation of chiropractic scope of practice and/or the services available within chiropractic clinics is suggested as a means of further refining the efficiency of interprofessional referrals. Another issue to be addressed is the implementation of a rational approach when chiropractic belief and traditional medical practice are in conflict. As complementary conventional health care practitioners, chiropractors are representatives of the orthodox health care system. This paper proposes a format whereby resolution of conflicts between ascribed and perceived roles may be attempted. Evolutionary progress rather than revolutionary disruption is possible within conventional health care.

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