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July 2021

J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 1987 Feb; 10(1): 1-4.

Inter- and intra-examiner reliability of motion palpation for the thoracolumbar spine.

Love RM, Brodeur RR.

An inter- and intra-examiner reliability study was conducted to determine the reliability of a standardized method of motion palpation. Eight senior students in the Palmer College Public Clinic palpated the thoracolumbar spine of 32 student volunteers. Each volunteer was palpated twice by each examiner to allow inter- and intra-examiner analysis. Each examiner had at least 1 yr of experience using the procedure. Only the most hypomobile motor unit of the spine was recorded. Analysis of the data revealed statistically significant agreement for intra-examiner reliability. Inter-examiner reliability was not statistically significant. T9-T10 was chosen significantly more often by the palpators as the most hypomobile motor unit.

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