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July 2021

Biull Eksp Biol Med. 1987 Nov; 104(11): 532-5.

[Effect of electroacupuncture on the activity of neurons in the central gray matter of the midbrain]

Ignatov IuD, Vasil'ev IuN, Butkhuzi MS, Sakvarelidze ZA, Abzianidze EV.

The effect of electroacupuncture in locally-segment and general analgetic points on background impulse activity of central gray substance neurons and their activity caused by nociceptive stimulation of the dental pulp, infraorbital nerve and forearm skin surface was studied in acute experiments on cats. It has been established that general analgetic points are better represented in the central gray substance, as compared to locally-segment points. Different degree involvement of central gray substance in the realization of acupuncture analgetic effect in different points is postulated. The role of dorsal and ventral compartments of the central gray substance in acupunctural analgesia is discussed.

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