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July 2021

Vet Med Nauki. 1987 ; 24(10): 36-43.

[Effect of laser acupuncture and irradiation of the cervix uteri in cows on cardiac activity and morphological composition of the blood]

Kostov I, Bodurov N.

Tested is the action of helium-neon laser for acupuncture with capacity 7mV and diameter of the ray 2 mm in cows during the puerperal period. Laser acupuncture (LA) is applied on 6 cows by radiation of two main acupuncture points 49 and 50 for 2 min and additional--27, 28 and 29, radiated for 1 min each of them. Second group is locally radiated in area of the cervix of the uterus (LRCU) for 6 min. The radiation is done a day for 5 days. From the radiotelemetric research of the cardiac activity is established decreasing of the cardiac frequency and increasing of the interval R-R, the amplitude of peak--P and the duration of wave--T in both of the groups, and prolongation of the segments P-Q, S-T, T-P and the interval Q-P in cows with LRCU. There are not registered changes in the shape of the peaks of the EKG-telemetry, with the exception of the wave-T. Haematological research shows decreasing of the content of the haemoglobin in both of the groups and decreasing of the content of the erythrocytes in cows with LRCU, and increasing of C.U.E. after the second radiation. In the content of the blood sugar, the haematic values and the leukocyte formula are not observed mathematically reliable changes.

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