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August 2021

Nippon Seirigaku Zasshi. 1987 ; 49(12): 711-21.

[Microneurographic analysis of the effects of acupuncture stimulation on sympathetic muscle nerve activity in humans: excitation followed by inhibition]

Moriyama T.

Department of Physiology, Saitama Medical School, Japan.

Using the tibial nerves of healthy human subjects (n = 22), the muscle nerve sympathetic activity (MSA) controlling the soleus and its response to acupuncture stimulation were observed. 1. Muscle nerve sympathetic activity (MSA) is spontaneous and varies in correspondence with pulse and respiration. 2. The excitation of MSA in the left tibial nerve was observed just after acupuncture stimulation was applied (145.2 + 39.3 (SD) %, n = 12). 3. The intervals of burst discharges of MSA in the left tibial nerve were elongated (p less than 0.05) and the inhibition of MSA was observed (19.6 + 2.4 (SD) %, n = 12) during acupuncture stimulation. Gradual recovery then took place. 4. The excitation and inhibition of MSA in the tibial nerve was observed in the leg stimulated, the other leg and at the back of the neck to which acupuncture stimulation was applied. 5. Nasal respirations and pulses of plethysmography from the big toe did not change before, during or after acupuncture stimulation.

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