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July 2021

Ter Arkh. 1987 ; 59(9): 16-9.

[Results of using acupuncture and therapeutic physical exercise for preventing the development of arterial hypertension in persons with borderline arterial pressure]

Dovgiallo OG, Rabkin MS, Tkachenko GIa.

Altogether 63 patients with border-line arterial pressure were followed-up. In 44 of them preventive measures included acupuncture and exercise therapy, in 19 patients-acupuncture only. In 3 yrs after treatment initiation arterial hypertension developed in 6.3% of the patients versus 26.7% in the control group, arterial pressure got back to normal in 42.4% versus 28.3% in the control group. As compared to acupuncture used alone the combination of this method with exercise therapy resulted in lowered diastolic arterial pressure and a prolonged antihypertensive effect.

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