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July 2021

Int J Addict. 1987 Aug; 22(8): 695-717.

Herbal therapy in the treatment of drug use.

Nebelkopf E.

Walden House, Inc., San Francisco, California 94117.

The use of herbs in the treatment of substance abuse is a relatively new phenomenon, although the practice of herbalism goes back to the dawn of humanity. Herbs are natural botanical substances which have noticeable effects on the human organism. Throughout history man has used herbs for nutritional and healing purposes as well as for getting high. Most current treatment programs for substance abusers take into account only a small portion of the healing spectrum (e.g., psychological counseling, methadone, self-help, therapeutic community). There is a growing awareness of and concern to develop programs for substance abusers which utilize a holistic approach to deal with the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual problems accompanying substance abuse. The purpose of this article is to review the use of herbal therapy in the treatment of drug abusers. An annotated bibliography is provided.

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