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August 2021

Vestn Khir Im I I Grek. 1987 Jan; 138(1): 54-9.

[Medical rehabilitation of patients after amputation of the leg in sarcoma]

Stoliarov VI, KeÄ­er AN, Trishkin VA, Shcherbina KK, Ramon F.

An analysis of data of 348 patients with malignant tumors of soft tissues has shown that 128 of them had been subjected to the amputation of extremities at different levels. The use of microsurgical techniques favours the improvement of the method of amputation of lower extremities, in particular the transplantation of a calcaneoplantar flap onto the stump end. In order to make the treatment of phantom limb pains more effective acupuncture should be included into the complex of therapeutic measures in addition to traditional methods. Close contacts with prostheses-makers can facilitate earlier prosthesis which can give positive effects on the following rehabilitation of such patients.

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