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July 2021

Acta Endocrinol (Copenh). 1987 Jun; 115(2): 253-8.

Cerebrospinal fluid dynorphin1-17 and beta-endorphin in late pregnancy and six months after delivery. No influence of acupuncture treatment.

Lyrenäs S, Nyberg F, Lutsch H, Lindberg B, Terenius L.

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) levels of dynorphin A and beta-endorphin were measured by radioimmunoassay in 62 primiparae in term pregnancy before onset of labour. In 50 of these women acupuncture (AP) treatment was given in an antenatal preparation procedure. In 15 of the AP-treated women, CSF samples were further obtained six months after delivery. Median values for dynorphin A were 7.5 pmol/l in AP-treated women and 6.4 pmol/l in non-treated controls. The puerperal median value for dynorphin A was 7.6 pmol/l. Median values for beta-endorphin were 7.1 pmol/l in AP-treated women and 5.7 pmol/l in non-treated controls. The median beta-endorphin value after delivery was 7.3 pmol/l. There was no significant difference in CSF dynorphin A or beta-endorphin levels between the AP-treated women and non-treated controls in late pregnancy. Consequently, the present study does not support the theory of a positive influence on either the dynorphin or the beta-endorphin system by manual AP. Within subject comparisons of dynorphin-A and beta-endorphin failed to indicate any significant trend in samples obtained in late pregnancy and 6 months after delivery, and there was no increased activity in either the dynorphin or the beta-endorphin system in late pregnancy, as reflected by CSF levels.

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