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August 2021

Vopr Virusol. 1987 Jan-Feb; 32(1): 35-9.

[Interferon and other immunological indices of influenza patients undergoing different methods of treatment]

Ketiladze ES, Krylov VF, Ershov FI, Kniazeva LD, Umanskaia AA.

The authors review the results of immunological examinations of patients with influenza given adapromine and virazole drugs as well as reflex therapy aimed at increasing general host resistance. Patients with influenza administered reflex therapy among other therapeutic measures developed more intensive increase of serum interferon activity in the acute period of the disease, with its more rapid decline; they had a high level of IgM and more intensive rise of specific antibody (in the HI test) as compared with the control group. In the group of patients treated with adapromine and virazole there was also a more significant increase of IgM level, early and significantly high level of IgG as compared with the patients given symptomatic drugs. No differences in the number of T-lymphocytes were found by the method of spontaneous rosette formation with sheep erythrocytes. Both in treatment with antiviral drugs and using reflex therapy, a more rapid disappearance of influenza antigen from nasal smears was observed than in patients of the control groups.

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