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October 2021

Circaseptan Reactive Periodicity of Renal Functions during 4-week Balneotherapeutical Cure Treatment

Journal/Book: In: G. HILDEBRANDT R. MOOG and F. RASCHKE (Eds.): Chronobiology and Chronomedicine. P. Lang Frankfurt - Bern - New York - Paris 1987 pp. 398-402.. 1987;

Abstract: Institut für Arbeitsphysiologie und Rehabilitationsforschung der Universität Marburg/Lahn Institut für Kurmedizinische Forschung Bad Wildungen and Klinik am Kurpark Bad Wildungen-Reinhardshausen FRG INTRODUCTION It is well known that balneotherapeutic cure treatment evokes adaptive responses which are predominantly structured by a circaseptan periodicity of autonomous functions as well as of subjective symptoms (HILDEBRANDT 1975 1985). This periodic time structure - e.g. of the reaction time - does not occur in non-treated inhabitants of the respective spa station (HILDEBRANDT & GEYER 1979) and therefore must be evoked by the treatment. Recent investigations showed that even repeated intake of mineral waters (drinking cure) causes adaptive responses of autonomous functions e.g. reticulocyte count heart rate blood pressure and cortisol excretion (HILDEBRANDT et al 1983; GUTENBRUNNER 1984). In Fig. 1 the results of a period analysis with the FOURIER-method of the individual courses of some autonomous functions during 4-week mineral water cures in healthy subjects are demonstrated (V. HARSDORF 1984; NACKEN 1986). About seven and 13-day periods are predominating. Hence the serial intake of mineral waters also causes circaseptan and circabiseptan periodicity of autonomous and renal functions (see also HILDEBRANDT et al 1982 1983). MATERIAL AND METHODS: In this study daily samples of the night urine (23-7 h) were collected in 40 patients undergoing a 4-week balneotherapeutic cure treatment in Bad wildungen-Reinhardshausen. All patients have been renal stone formers (29 calcium oxalate concrements 2 uric acid calculi one mixed stone and 8 patients without stone analysis). The treatment included drinking cures with daily intake of 600 ml of a Ca-Mg-HCO3-CO2 -water (Wildunger Reinhardsquelle) physical traininq and hot packs. The urine samples were analyzed on the content of sodium potassium calcium magnesium phosphate and uric acid. . . .

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